Camera 1oX Zoom Ottico


10X ZOOM Camera Gimbal Technical Data
Model Number GTZMHD-10X
Weight <440g
Installation Method Single body gimbal, detachable
External Port 40 pin port (including HDMI and series port)
Dimensions 101mm*115mm*119mm
3-Axis Stabilization System Bearing, roll, pitch
Structural Limit Bearing -45°~45°
Roll -35°~35°
Pitch -120°~30°
Controllable Angle Bearing -25°~25°
Pitch -90°~20°
Stabilization Performance Stabilization accuracy ≤ 0.01°
Flight Path Movement The bearing angle follows the angle of the aircraft,  pitch axis and horizontal axis.
Effective Pixels 16.36 million (maximum pixels: 17.52 million)
Lens F1.6 (wide angle)-F3.0 (long zoom)
Focal Distance  f: 4.7~47mm
Field of View  FOV62° (wide angle)-6.6°(long zoom)
Zoom Mode One click zoom, manual focusing
Digital Zoom 2X Digital zoom
Photo Resolution 16M:4608*3456



Video Resolution 4K: 3840*2160 30p;(default)

FHD: 1920*1080 30/60p

HD: 1280*720 60/120p

Photo Storage Format JPG
Video Storage Format mp4
Work Mode Photo mode, video mode
Photo Mode Single photo
Compensation ±2.0(With 1EV as each step)
Electronic Shutter Speed Automatic
White Balancing Automatic (AWB): clear day, cloudy day, incandescent light, fluorescent light.
ISO Range 50~3200(video);50~1600(photo)
Memory Card Type MicroSD, up to 64GB with transfer speed of class10 and above or UHS-1 grade MicroSD.
Supported File Type Fat32
Operating Temperature -10℃~50℃