Camera 4K ottica fissa

Art. QYT003

4X Camera Technical Data
Model Number QYT003
Weight <249g
Installation Method Single body camera gimbal, detachable
External Port 40 pin port (including HDMI and series port)
Dimensions 120mm*87mm*110mm
3-Axis Stabilization System Bearing, roll, pitch
Structural Limit Bearing -40°~40°
Roll -35°~35°
Pitch -90°~30°
Controllable Angle Bearing -30°~30°
Pitch -80°~20°
Maximum Turn Speed Maximum speed is 20°/s
Stabilization Performance Stabilization accuracy ≤0.02°
Flight Path Movement The bearing angle follows the angle of the aircraft,  pitch axis and horizontal axis.
Effective Pixels 12.4 million
Lens F2.8
Focal Distance 24mm equal to 35mm focus distance
Field of View FOV94°
Photo Resolution 12M:4000*3000
Video Resolution UHD: (4096*2160) (24)


2.7K: (2704*1520(25,30)

FHD: (1920*1080) (30,60)

HD: (1280*720) (30,60)

Photo Storage Format JPG
Video Storage Format mp4
Work Mode Photo mode, Video mode
Photo Mode Single photo
ISO Range Automatic, 100-1600
Memory Card Type MicroSD, up to 32GB
Operating Temperature -10℃~60℃